It was in the 70’s that Christian Berthéas, an alternative enthusiast from Burgundy educated at the Beaux Art and Arts Décoratifs Faculties in Paris, was inspired by the magnificent luminosity of Luberon to settle down in the south of France, where he built a number of solar houses. In 1980 he went to Marrakech to work on an important architectural project. Here he was amazed and fascinated by the beauty – quite intact - of the 19 th century decorative arts, such as the lime coatings, the terrazzo flagstones carved from the block, and the cement tiles. He was moved when he learned that architects from Marseilles , who had emigrated there around 1910, had originally designed these tiles with their sparkling colour patterns. I n his return to France in 1986 Christian Berthéas launched Carocim Company in Apt. In 1990 Martine Murat, a talented painter and decorator educated in New York and Paris ,

joined Carocim and enriched the traditional designs with exciting new ideas. Together Christian and Martine have been recreating the sumptuous designs of the past as well as totally new ones. With a touch of humour Martine has drawn inspiration from the world of animals to create colorful patchworks depicting tortoises, salamanders, crabs, frogs, and doves. She has invented a decorative style of her own. Attracted by this technique and working in the same spirit, other artists have been asked to contribute designs we have produced. Given their composition – high quality cement and colourings, pure silica sand and white marble powder – our tiles with their deeply embedded designs stand the test of time. Their surfaces are fine and flat, their edges sharp, and over the years they become satin-smooth and mellow. This catalogue presents over 350 models with a range of 18 colors.