Weight aprox :

- 33 kg/m2 thickness 16 mm.
- 23 kg/m2 thickness 10 mm.
Description :
- The tiles presented in this catalogue are thin hand-made wall and floor coverings with a cement binder, obtained by compression.
- They consist basically of two layers :
- A top layer known as the wear and tear layer whose visible surface is called the “fair side.” This layer is essentially made up of marble and siliceous sand, coated with white cement mixed with coloured pigments (ochres and metal oxides).
- A base known as the sole whose underlying side is called “the laying side.” The sole is made up of a mixture of sand and cement.
Manufacturing specifications :
- The manufacturing does not require firing; the hardening of the tiles is solely due to the chemical setting of the cement.
- Manufacturing steps : pouring in the wear and tear layer with or without a divider, tipping the mortar in place, compressing (a minimum of 100 bars), turning out, bathing, drying, sorting and packing (nearly 20 manual operations in all).
Suitable for :
- Private homes, commercial premises, ground-floor shops, etc.
- They are not to be used in premises with destructive factors other than pedestrian traffic and ordinary human activities. Nor are they appropriate for places with very heavy human traffic, such as malls, large department stores, cafeterias, etc.

Other observations :

- The workmanship in laying the tiles has a decisive influence in their subsequent performance.
- Prior to laying the tiles, an appropriate subbase must be made if the floor or wall needs humidity proofing.
- It is essential to treat the visible side with an appropriate sealer (FILAWET preferably).
- Outdoor entries should be equipped with a doormat or some other device to protect against abrasive particles.
- The frost resistance of our tiles can not be guaranteed. The tile’s laying workmanship and appropriate sealer treatment will improve their outdoor performance in coastal areas.
- Without a specific product, now available, the discoloration of greens, blue and purple will be very important.
- Being hand-made, our tiles do not meet industrial manufacturing standards. Only comparative degrees are available on request.
- A possible “cracked” effect does not affect the tile’s durability.


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