Encaustic cement tiles

CAROCIM France is a family-run company, which since 1986 has been perpetuating the French know-how in the manual manufacture of cement tiles with inlaid decoration or tile-mosaic. Each tile is unique, handmade, respecting the rules of Art, which appeared in France around 1860 in Vivier on the banks of the Rhône.

With a catalogue of more than 1000 models, a palette of 21 shades, 14 formats, 2 thicknesses for the floor and for the wall you must find your decor in kitchen, bathroom, living room, public places, everywhere and even outdoors with specific treatment. It is the creativity that carries CAROCIM, we publish our own collections with the help of famous contemporary designers, we also reproduce historical motifs from the 19th century.

The profusion is our rule and our stock in Aix-en-Provence of more than 40,000 m² allows us to deliver you very quickly. We are shipping around the world on the shortest possible time. If everything is in stock, 8 days later, you receive with appointment, your order. Because your project deserves to be unique, we sell each tile individually and without any minimum purchase. Quantity discounts are possible. With our Home “Create Your Project” software, we offer you to carry out your projects as a professional. Then nothing is easier than to finalize your order by finding your shopping cart with the transport price.

Christian Berthéas trained as a Building Architect attended the Fine Arts and Decorative Arts Academies in Paris. His very first project was the design of a enormous “open Circus”. In the French Luberon area during the 70s, Christian became a precursor in the then little-known fields of kite-construction and that of the building of solar-powered bioclimatic housing. Starting in the early 80s during a lengthy professional period in Marrakech, the idea came to Christian that he could contemporize designs and techniques of the “Mosaic tiles”. Theinitial wave of cement tiles was introduced in Morroco around 1910 by urban architects from Marseille working upon the modernization of CASABLANCA. As a footnote to the history of decorative arts we should mention that the first hydraulic persses were erected towards 1850 at Viviers on the embankments of the Rhône, alongside the first Lafarge Cement factories. CAROCIM was founded in APT in 1986.

In 1990 Martine Murat teamed up with Christian Berthéas and Carocim. Martine’s wide professional experience in New York and Paris as an interior-decorator, painter, and theatrical arts participant, with Fine Arts training, continues to boost Carocim’s ability to issue new collections and to maintain an over-all coherence of style. The creative inter-action of the pair Christian Berthéas/Martine Murat has enabled the Company to truly create what can termed the Carocim Style. As a consequence of this aesthetic dynamic, other artists are drawn to submitting their own design contributions to Carocim. As time goes by, the number of motifs becomes more numerous and varied- profusion is a part of Carocim Style; something of Carocim’s identity is along the lines of a patchwork quilt. CAROCIM exports its tiles throughout the world. The Carocim Showroom in Aix en Provence displays a fascinating exhibition of a great selection of their products – sometimes staged in amusing and unusual settings.